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When Pinterest was first launched in March 2010, it had captured the interest of internet users as a new and innovative social media platform. Today it has close to 70 million active users and is the third most popular social network after Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is a virtual pin board that allows users to save, categorize and share images that they find interesting from around the web.

Interesting fact: According to Mashable, Pinterest receives an average of 1.36 million visitors each day, 68 percent of whom are female.

Since the main advantage of Pinterest is that is allows users to pin and share images, therefore it makes a perfect platform for retailers, brands and product companies to share their eye catching content and products with an engaged and active community of pinterest.

Interesting fact: Customers spend more money when they convert from a Pinterest referral than any other social referral.

Pinterest is an amazing platform for competitor analysis. It allows businesses to see what their competitors are researching and building on by following them and getting constant updates about their pins and shares. Businesses can also research on what’s trending and what’s popular in order to make relevant business decisions. Pinterest helps businesses drive referral traffic to their website and also to directly involve and engage with their clients.

Getting started on Pinterest is easy but how to use Pinterest for marketing needs certain expertise and knowledge. In the 5th module of our social media training programme, you will learn about how to effectively carry out Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest Marketing course structure:

1) What is Pinterest

2) Pinterest terminology

3) How to set up Pinterest for business

4) How to use Pinterest for business marketing

5) Practical

What do you take home – At the end of the course, you will see yourself as proficient with Pinterest marketing. You can effectively create pinterest profile to make your business more visible. Understanding the pinterest lingo and pinning useful content will be easy for you. You will be able to design strategies to attract more followers and shares of your pins.

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