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CT Shankar is a Digital marketing consultant, Speaker, Trainer & an Entrepreneur. His passion is around Online Marketing and Social Media innovation, he has spent countless hours in the past 11 years testing the waters of Online marketing and consulted hundreds of Startups and small businesses worldwide. He loves to spend a lot of his time researching for new tools and techniques to leverage the internet platform for his clients'. Since 2004 he has been a part of success for more than 700+ Startups and Small Businesses world wide, engaging with them in everything right from idea inception to Lead Generation.
He operates a successful digital marketing consulting company since 2008 in two cities in India and employing 40+ team size.
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An MBA from University of wales, UK with over 7+ years of experience in Digital world. Co founded interested and active startups like Mealoncall, Brickandmotor, and Digitalmarketingconsulting.
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Raghu Chaitanya is a Search Engine Marketing evangelist , Trainer. He carries experience in various Online Marketing modules such as SEM, SEO and analytics. He started his career as an online marketing executive in small company and learned a lot through internet . He spent lots of time in dealing with clients around the world which are in to automobile industry, travel, health care and has an hands on experience of 4+ years. He worked for various companies like Value Labs, reputed travel agencies and helped the companies, clients to get most of the conversions through digital marketing. His knowledge on digital platform is extensive and stays update to the latest trends, tools in the market. His one line about digital marketing is
"Reach, don't preach; digital marketing is simply putting your customers first".
- Raghu Chaitanya

PraveenKumar, a graduated in Mechanical Engineering and working as Ad Operation's Analyst. His journey towards digital marketing have started couple of years ago when he realized the scope, growth, challenges and opportunities that this platform has got in future. His passion, interest and quality to share the knowledge all around made him a trainer, valuable speaker and proficient subject matter expert. Most of time he is dedicated in bringing and experimenting new concepts, techniques and tools into the market for quality and effective outcome for various Businesses.
He handle several US,UK, Netherlands and Australian Client in managing their account and maintain healthy relationship for long term business
- Praveen Kumar
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