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Even if you have a good design planned out for your website but without a well written and relevant content, your website will be of little or no use for generating leads and traffic. Moreover, what’s the use of a good piece of content if it not marketed and optimized well?

Matt Cutts who is the head of Google’s web spam team says Good and optimized Content is the key to SEO and increasing traffic to your website. He says ‘Even if you do brain-dead stupid things and shoot yourself in the foot, but have good content, we still want to return it’. See, that’s how important content is.

Nowadays, it is very easy for people to go on Google, cut, copy and paste the content and publish it as if the content is their own. But, Google knows it all and its algorithm is designed in such ways and if Google finds out that you have duplicate content on your website or blog, then you are bound to be penalized and your rankings will drastically drop which leads to reduced visibility from search engines. Therefore, every piece of content that you write has to be unique and appealing to the readers that they feel a connection towards your content and get influenced to buy the product or service provided by your business.

Interesting facts: B2B companies that have blogs, generate 67% more leads

However, writing a good content is not easy and you need skills, be creative and have a unique style to churn out excellent writing. Your content should also be well optimized for it to rank high on search engines. It should have relevant keywords and attractive headlines so that people get compelled to click on the link and read your content.

In our starting module of the training programme, we teach our students the tips and tricks on how to generate and optimize good content which helps drive traffic and generate leads to the website.

Content optimization Course structure:

1) How to write a good and influential headli

2) Practicals

What you take home – At the end of the curriculum, you will be able to plan and write creative and original content with influential headlines that will help increase your online business endeavour.

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