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Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. The sure shot way for a business to gain immediate ranking on various search engines such as Google, yahoo and Bing is through properly optimized and relevant keywords. For online start-ups, it is vital that they do proper keyword research because both users and search engines depend on keywords to find your website.

Did you know that 14 out of 15 online users make use of search engines to find something on the web? The users type in the keyword and Google’s complex algorithm sorts through the numerous WebPages indexed and analyzed by spiders and robots. These robots are basically software that crawls through the content of these WebPages, and the searched keywords that match with the WebPages are shown on the search engines. That is the reason why implementing the right keywords in your website’s content is very important because that is how search engines will show your website’s results when someone searches for your targeted keywords.

Keyword or keyword phrases selected by you should be targeted to the correct type of traffic that visits your website. This means that your target keywords should be able to influence the visitors on your website to become your customers. If you use the wrong kind of keywords, you’ll only attract traffic but won’t be able to generate leads.

Interesting fact: HomePage page Rank is the top factor in the Google algorithm. The most popular WebPages have PR10

That is why for a successful online marketing campaign, keyword research should be your top most priority and it is not always easy to get your keywords right. There are techniques and tips for selecting the right keywords which will help you rank high on search engines. These techniques and tips are part of the keyword research curriculum of our digital marketing training programme.

Keyword research course structure:

1) Keyword research

What is keyword research
How to use keywords
Keyword research process
What are niche Markets
Where to find the relevant keywords
Types of keywords
Keyword research tools

What you take home – After the completion of the curriculum, you will be able to identify the right type of keywords for your target market and will be able to effectively implement them in your content creation.

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