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One of the easiest ways to influence your potential customers is to appeal to their subconscious minds. Yes, you heard that right. Subconscious behaviour is the most powerful because you have no control over it. Therefore, if an entrepreneur can tap into the subconscious mind of their potential customers, their consciousness will take over and you will have your client in hand. But, the main question remains. How do you analyze a person’s subconscious behaviour? The answer is heat maps.

A heat map is an awesome tool to analyze the behaviour of your visitors. Heat maps gives you insights about which areas of your web page are used and read by your visitors and thus helps you to make informed decisions such as improving the site’s usability, positioning and content. Heat maps can have a huge impact on your client conversion rate; therefore make use of it to the best possible way.

Heat Map Course structure:

1) What is a Heat map and its importance

2) What is a scroll map and its importance

3) What is confetti and its importance

What do you take home – at the end of the curriculum, you will be able to use and understand heat maps to get better clarification on the behaviour of the visitors on your website.

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