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In the current era, there is a rapid shift from traditional advertising to digital media and for marketers to be well versed with the ins and outs of online marketing, they should know how to utilize the digital marketing assets, tools and techniques so that they can improve their customer value proposal, create insightful strategies and help succeed in their organizational goals and objectives. It won’t be wise for people to consider advertising and marketing as the same thing because the rise in E-commerce has drastically transformed the way people communicate with potential and existing clients. Digital media has made the world a small place and it does not matter where you start your business from, you can sell your goods and services all over the world.

Internet is here to stay and every modern marketer should know how to craft flawless, thriving marketing campaigns in the digital age. Hence, marketing graduates and working professionals should be well aware of how digital marketing works if they plan to enter the digital marketing industry or would like to establish their online start-up.

But the main question still remains. What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is about promoting products and services using digital distribution, communication and social media channels to connect and interact with potential customers in a timely and cost effective manner.

Interesting fact: More than 80% of population using internet have purchased something online

Under the digital marketing course, you will develop a solid base on Digital Marketing approaches including: Search Engine Marketing, Social Media marketing, Email Marketing, content optimization, crafting your website, SEO and how to use Google Webmaster and Analytics to increase the number of leads and Conversions on your website.

Introduction to Digital marketing course structure:

1) What is Digital marketing

Definition of Digital Marketing
Functions of Digital marketing
Types of Digital marketing
Distinction between traditional media and digital media
Understanding marketing process
How to build your online marketing plan

2) Perspective of Digital Marketing Process

Increasing Visibility – Includes understanding what is visibility, types of visibility and examples of visibility.
People engagement – Includes understanding what is engagement, what is its importance and examples.
Targeted traffic – Understanding inbound and outbound traffic.
Conversion leads – Understanding the process and how to generate leads
Performance evaluation – Understanding the types and usage of tools for evaluating website performance.

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