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It is mandatory for an entrepreneur who runs his online business to have a website. But, what is the use of the website when you don’t know what its effect on your business is? Yes, we are talking about tracking and analytics. Every digital platform has its own web analytics. For example – there is YouTube analytics, Facebook insights and Google Analytics. For an online entrepreneur to track how his website is performing, Google Analytic tool is a must have.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful free tools which enable you to get complete insight on the performance of your website. You can consider Google Analytics as a magic ball where it gives you 360° knowledge about how much traffic your website is getting, where the traffic is coming from, what keywords are bringing people to your website, what pages they are visiting, the demographic area from where the visitors are coming from, what pages they are visiting and much more. An online business with a website cannot flourish without implementing Google Analytics.

The enormous data provided by Google Analytics is extremely important for entrepreneurs for many reasons. It can help entrepreneurs re-evaluate and make decision about their website’s positioning. It can also help you to track results and hence saves your valuable time. No doubt, Google Analytics is important but not every entrepreneur understands how to use it and analyse its data. Google analytics is not difficult, but it does need a person to study, learn and recognize how to analyze and relate its data thoroughly.
In the second module of our digital marketing training programme, you will learn about Google analytics tool and its functionalities.

Web Analytics Course structure:

1) What is Web analytics

2) Types of web analytic tools

3) What is Google Analytics

4) Step by step process of Google Analytics set up

5) Google Analytics reporting interface

6) Tool to improve usability and user retention

7) How to view reports

8) Practical

What do you take home – At the end of the curriculum, you will be able to generate and implement Google analytics tracking code on your website. You will be able to interpret and analyze the vast data provided by Google analytics about your website. This will help you to take relevant actions for the benefit of your business.

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