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Facebook is the biggest attraction on the internet. With over 700 million users, facebook is the prime choice for online population as a social networking website. It is the biggest platform for users to connect and interact with many people simultaneously and hence it holds a lot of potential for online entrepreneurs to reach and connect with large customer base over the growing and popular social media website.

Nowadays, you will not find a single brand that does not have a facebook fan page. Facebook has active users from all age groups and for businesses, it is important that they remain socially active over Facebook and run well planned campaigns to increase the likes and interaction on their fan page so that their brand loyalty and client turnover rises.

Interesting fact: Having a facebook fan page gives a big boost to your SEO efforts.

An effective Facebook marketing will allow entrepreneurs to give a personal touch to their business. Through posts, comments and messages, businesses can directly communicate with their clients, hence building positive relationships, increasing brand loyalty and in turn earning more contacts and clients. Facebook marketing is one of the most successful ways to target a very large audience in less time and absolutely free.

However, you are not limited to having just a fan page to promote your business on Facebook. The social media website allows businesses to put up advertising campaigns. You can set your budget and campaign type to reach your target customers.

Many entrepreneurs feel that just by having a fan page on Facebook will help them generate more business. But, that is certainly not true. If you don’t know how to strategize campaigns, how to plan your content for posts and how to interact with your fans then you are at a more damaging position than not being on Facebook.

At Digital Marketing School, you will learn the best techniques on how to effectively make use of facebook marketing for growing your business.

Facebook Marketing Course structure:

1) Facebook Marketing

  • What is Facebook Marketing

  • Effective Facebook Strategy

  • How to set up Facebook for business development

  • Facebook Branding

  • Tips and tricks for Facebook Marketing

  • Important tools for Facebook marketing

2) Facebook Paid Advertising

  • What is Facebook advertising

  • Why to advertise on Facebook

  • Types of ads on Facebook

  • Terminology for Facebook ads

  • Tips and tricks for Facebook Paid advertising

  • Practical

What do you take home – At the end of the Facebook Marketing course, you will be able to effectively create a fan page for your business. You will be able to plan out and execute campaigns to increase likes and interaction on your fan page. You will be able to strategize and implement Facebook ads for promoting your business and reach out to your target customers

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