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Considering the huge popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google plus, it is no doubt that they are the most sought out websites for marketing by online entrepreneurs. Do you know that 73% of small businesses are using social media these days? Well, this clearly shows the importance of social media marketing among small businesses.

Social media marketing has become an essential part of digital marketing because of its quick results and low cost effectiveness. According to, as of 2014, more than about 1.8 billion internet users have accessed social networking sites. Imagine how much traffic your website will get, and the leads that you will generate if you make effective use of social media in your digital marketing strategy. Therefore, social media marketing is a guaranteed way to drive target traffic to your website.

Social media marketing is essential for entrepreneurs and online marketers because of its inexpensiveness and ability to target large audience with fewer efforts and in less time.

Interesting fact: 46% of online users consider social media while making purchase decision and 50% of online shoppers made purchases considering the recommendations provided by social media websites.

Interesting fact: In 2013, 36% of marketers acquired customers via Twitter, 52% via Facebook and 43% via LinkedIn.

Since social media is a web-based platforms, that enable people to socially interact with one another online, hence this allows small businesses to directly engage with their customers and form a long-term relationship and customer loyalty.

As a new entrant in the online business, it is important that you build your brand and work towards improving its reputation and recognition and one of the definite ways of doing that is by having your brand’s presence on social networking sites. For example – a person who has newly joined Facebook is more liable to read about your brand when it appears on his newsfeed or a person is more likely to connect with your brand and make purchases when he sees your presence on every social networking channel.

Moreover, nowadays even Google is giving higher authority to social media websites and brands that are active on social media channels and have thoughtfully posted their content are likely to gain better ranking on search engines than those that are not.

Everyone knows how to use social media, but not many have the skills to use the platform for marketing and business growth purpose. At digital marketing school, in the third module of our training programme, we teach you the basics of social media marketing and how to strategize campaigns on various networking channels.

Social media marketing course structure:

1) India’s online display ad landscape

2) Popular social networks

3) What is social media

4) Importance of social media

5) Social media marketing strategy

6) Social media content

-Types of social media posts
-Social media content plan (smart ways to publish on social media)

7) Social media analytics tracking

8) Social media reporting

9) Social media tools

10) Tips and tricks of social media marketing

11) Practical

What do you take home – At the end of the course, you will have thorough understanding of what is social media and its importance for small businesses. You will be able to create social media marketing strategies for your business and plan out the right type of content that will give your social media posts maximum reach and increase user interaction with your brand. You will have hands down knowledge on how to track your brand’s performance on social media and will be able to use various important social media tools.

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