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In India, there are 33 million active users on twitter but still many are not aware how strong the social networking platform is as a digital marketing tool.

Twitter is a micro blogging website where you can send your messages in the form of tweets using 140 characters. It is a platform where you meet, follow and interact with other twitter users and retweet their messages if it interests you. Moreover, due to its short messages and scan friendly interface, it is very easy for twitter users to read messages of people whom they are following. You can follow and unfollow twitter user anytime.

Interesting fact: 500 million tweets are sent everyday

Nowadays, you will find every brand using twitter as a marketing channel. Thousands of entrepreneurs advertise their products and services using Twitter. And it definitely works.

Interesting fact: Ads that use hashtags are 42% more likely to generate earned media

However, to be a pro at twitter marketing you have to know the basics of Twitter and how to plan your twitter marketing strategy. You should know how to set up your profile and learn the terminology to analyze your results and find the right tools for your online business.
In the third module of our digital marketing training programme, you will gain immense knowledge on how to use twitter as a marketing tool for growing your business.

Twitter marketing course structure:

1) What is twitter

2) History of twitter

3) Setting up twitter account

4) Branding your twitter account

5) Twitter terminology

6) Posting images on twitter

7) Posting videos on twitter

8) Tips and tricks to increase twitter followersg

9) Practical

What do you take home – At the end of the course, you will be able to set up your own twitter account. You will be able to plan and create twitter marketing campaigns, plan out your 140 character content strategy, build an audience, increase your number of followers and you will also increase your website’s visibility and traffic using twitter marketing.

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