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Mobile marketing is a powerful tool to help entrepreneurs market their products and services using a mobile device such as smart phone. Nowadays, everyone carried a Smartphone and prefers to browse through the internet using their phone. Hence, this makes mobile marketing as the current flavour of the season and if you are not implementing it in your strategy then you are definitely trailing behind your competitors.

Mobile Marketing Mobile marketing creates a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect and interact with clients and potential customers. It gives you a platform to sell more, increase customer loyalty and provide better service to clients.

Interesting facts: By 2017, mobile devices will make up 87 percent of the total sales of Internet-enabled technology.

In the current era, entrepreneurs and marketers need to stay on top of their competitors and for that they need to provide cutting edge marketing solutions which is compatible with all mobile devices be it smart phones or tablets. Moreover, mobile marketing gives marketers the opportunity to provide rich and helpful content to customers in a fast, interactive and efficient way. Mobile marketing is not just about mobile advertisement but you can incorporate various types of mobile marketing (SMS, pay per call, Mobile apps, voice marketing, mobile ad banners, etc) to create an effective strategy.

Interesting facts: 80% of internet users own a smart phone and India ranks third among the top countries for Smartphone users with an estimated 117 million subscribers

Mobile marketing is crucial but you must be wondering how to create successful mobile marketing strategy to promote your business? At digital marketing school, you will learn and develop the skills to promote your business on various mobile devices.

Mobile marketing course structure:

1) What is mobile marketing

2) Best practices of mobile marketing

3) Types of mobile marketing

What do you take home – At the end of the course, marketing your business on various mobile devices will become easy and you will be able to successfully plan, create and implement various mobile marketing techniques for promoting your business.

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