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Digital Marketing School
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Saturday : 10 30 AM , Wednesday : 2 30 PM
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Online Digital Marketing Courses

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Student Flexibilities

  • Backup classes in case you miss any.
  • Repeat classes in case of doubts.
  • In-person Classroom Q&A Session after every 10 days.
  • Job assistance and interview training (free of cost).
  • Internship with real time practice.

Morning Batch

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Evening Batch

7:30 PM - 09:00 PM

what will make you an expert?

We've Everything You'll Ever Need to be an Expert


Learn from experts

Find yourself amongst opportunities with key skills learnt from industry leaders having 10+ years of experience.



Assignments will be given to ensure that every student at DMS is catching up with the program and is practically implementing whatever was taught in the previous session.


Practical Training

After completing the classroom sessions, you will be eligible to participate in 4 weeks of Job Training Where you practice everything that was taught during the classroom sessions.



How much do you know about digital marketing? Take our free digital diagnostic and benchmark your skills against your professional competition.


Few of the 800+ businesses we have served since 2008.

We are here to help you in your success

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Saturday : 10 30 AM , Wednesday : 2 30 PM

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Frequently Asked Questions

  •  I am looking for Course Info.

    We provide Agency level Training in Digital marketing.The course tenure of this executive program is of 51 days with certifications delivered by a digital marketing agency since 2008. The program covers a total of 12 Modules which will help you learn how to setup a business, promote it and receive sales online.
    Digital Marketing School is providing its students with agency level training along with the digital marketing courses.
    The course curriculum covers 12 digital marketing modules. This is not a typical institute learning course. This is a program designed and delivered by an agency. Since this is an agency driven program you can expect Industry specific strategies.

  •   Explain more on course duration?

    The entire course tenure is of 51 days, which includes 23 days of DEMONSTRATIVE TRAINING& 4 weeks of Mentorship (agency-based training).

  •  Explain Demonstrative training / Practical Training. (They may ask or may not but its good to explain what is practical training)

    Unlike Theoretical training, Demonstrative/ Practical training involves 40% of explanation and 60% of demonstration on screen. Since we are an agency, we would be able to show you how the marketing strategies that are implemented on the field. A practical approach is what prepares you for the professional world.

  •  Explain Demonstrative training / Practical Training. (They may ask or may not but its good to explain what is practical training)

    Unlike Theoretical training, Demonstrative/ Practical training involves 40% of explanation and 60% of demonstration on screen. Since we are an agency, we would be able to show you how the marketing strategies that are implemented on the field. A practical approach is what prepares you for the professional world.

  •  Do we get any certification?

    Yes, you will be getting a total of 9 major certifications with just this course.
    Upon completion of the 23rd day of demonstrative training, you will get a
    I. Course completion certificate.
    II. After asuccessful completion of the4-week internship, you will get a certificate from Digital Marketing agency. (Since Institutes can’t give Internship certificates, you will be given Internship certificates from our parent company and not the institute) .
    III. We are also partnered with Google, so it’s easy for us to list you as one of our team members and have you certified in GoogleAd words Professional Certificate.
    IV. Get Google Analytics certification.

  •  Will whole course be done in 51 days?

    Yes, since this is more demonstrative and less theoretical, you will be a digital marketer in 51 days. We have done more than 70 batches and trained about 800learners so far. The program structure is constructed to cover up all topics and prepare you to handle marketing for a business.

  •  Is there Placement Assistance?

    Yes, Our Objective at the end of the day is to provide a career for our members and not just training. We are in tie up with multiple companies nation wide. we give you 100 percent placement assistance. We help you verify your resume; help you in applying various jobs suitable to your competence.

  •  Is there a Job Guarantee?

    Well on professional level we may not be able to provide you a guarantee as such to avoid various complications, however, we can explain you a simple stat. Particularly in Digital marketing, the demand supply is not balanced yet, since this is a new course and many companies are at once moving into Digital Marketing Field, There is more demand than supply. At least a 40% gap. For ex: the demand is 100%, the supply is only 60%. This is a huge opportunity and there’s no way u will go out of job considering the potential and certifications you will be obtaining.

  •  How long will you give job assistance?

    We will get in contact with you regarding a job offer whenever a requirement comes to us. You will be enrolled into our Job portal. www.digitalmarketingschool.in/Jobs , you will be updated every timethere’s an opportunity.

  •  Starting Salary for freshers?

    Starting salary for freshers in Hyderabadranges between 15k 25k per month depending on the company. More than salary what needs to be considered is the growth in the industry, right now the industry is growing and you many find yourself as a team lead on manager in a short span of time. So,the pay packages would drastically improve based on the experience.
    We placed students at the package range between 18 25k also.

  •  Will my experience go to waste? How much salary can I expect and how beneficiary is digital marketing for me?

    Firstly,no experience in digital marketing will evergo to waste as every field needs digital marketing people now. You can expect 40 to 50 percent hike on your current package.
    Particularly with digital marketing, the benefit is that any experience counts and adds value.
    You can also do freelancing. We will help you to brand yourself and connect with people to get projects and handle them too. Your internship knowledge helps you to handle the projects. This helps you to fetch extra money from your current salary.

  •  What exactly you do in Mentorship?

    With our Mentorship, you would be practically implementing all the modules you have learnt on a live project. You may use your own website or if you don’t have one. We provide you Hosting access for 3 months.
    It will prepare to be prominent when you attend an interview. You will be seen as an experienced person not as a fresher.
    Also, the Internship helps you majorly to build confidence and remember the course for a longer time.

  •  Who are the trainers?

    As we mentioned this is an agency and not just training institute, we don’t really encourage any outside trainers but our founders of the agency personally attend and deliver training for you all. For a couple of topics, we have guest lecturer coming in.

  •  When is the next demo?

    Well, we are not really a fan of DEMOS, Demo is given by institutes to see how the trainer is teaching, it’s basically to evaluate the trainer’s capability and teaching style.
    We are not professors but professionals who are delivering the lectures and enacting on them every day in their workplace. Since we are already an experienced marketing agency with over 10 years of experience and have served 700 + clients so far, that should hint you our capabilities.
    However, you can always come down to our office once to take up One-on-One demo and explanation on course.

  •  Is there any technical knowledge or any particular degree required?

    Nontechnical skills but only your interest to learn is required. Basic degree with good communication skills would be sufficient with Internet awareness and passion for pursuing a career in the digital world.

  •  What if we miss the classes? What if we cannot understand in one go?

    You can join for the same session in the future batch when you miss it or if you are looking for a recap.Although we do strongly recommend you to be regularin our sessions as all our sessions are interlinked and if you a miss out a single session then there is a possibility that you’re learning flow might get affected.

  •  The Fee seems to be too highly priced, is there any chance of negotiation in that?

    Firstly the fee in which the course is being provided is genuine and reasonable as per industry standards, usually we do not entertain discounts on the fee, but we do recommend you to visit us and have a word with the student councillor directly who can assist you with the same.

  •  How is your institution different from any other institution providing the same course?

    Let me inform you that you might have mistaken it to be just another education institution but let me correct you that we are the only Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad offering this industrial certified training program. We share our Decade long experience to you rather than just giving you just only the theoretical knowledge.

  •  In a Month how many batches do you run?

    We run a minimum of two batches per month morning and evening, which gives our students a benefit to attend the missed-out session in the following month or with the evening batch or vice versa.

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